Functions and Benefits
  • Usable as multiple stackable units.
  • Directional spool valve with direct solenoid control.
  • Coils with different connectors and voltage are available.
  • Compact design and easy mounting.
  • Integrated threaded ports. Download Catalogue
Number of Sections
2 / 3 / 4
Nominal Flow (l/min) - [GPM]
EDS08A 50 [14] // EDS10A 100 [28]
Internal Leakage A(B) → T (cm3/min) Δp = 100 bar / T = 40° C
min. 10 [0.61] max. 20 [1.22]
Operating Pressure (bar) [psi]
250 [3625]
Operating Pressure by Using External Drain (bar) [psi]
310 [4500]
Max Shifting Pressure (bar) [psi]
130 [1885]
Diverter Valve Stroke (mm) [in]
3,2 [0.13]

EBI motion controls diverter valves are used to pilot remote of directional control valves, auxiliary valves, variable displacement pumps and motors, frictions and hydraulic brakes, all with high accuracy, safety and optimal performance.

EBI diverters are maintenance free and have a long life cycle and are suited for specialized applications for a variety of mobile equipment such as:

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