Functions and Benefits
  • Post & pre compensated L.S.
  • Pre-arranged for close & open circuit.
  • Directional valve with low pressure losses.
  • Interchangeable spools.
  • Wide range of auxiliary valves on working ports.
  • Availability of electric on-off, electric proportional, EHP proportional (can-bus) actuation.
Number of sections
1 - 8
Nominal inlet flow
80 l/min [21 GPM]
Spool pitch
41 mm [1.7 in]
Work port flow
50 l/min [13 GPM]
Stand-by pressure
14 bar [200 psi]
Inlet working pressure
300 bar [4400 psi]
Section working pressure
300 bar [4400 psi]

EBI motion controls provides a broad choice of directional control valves expertly developed and tested to meet different market sectors’ needs.

ECX06A are suited for specialized applications
for a variety of mobile equipment such as:

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